Where My Tracks End Up

One or two years ago I up­loaded my old tracks to Sound­cloud with a very un­re­stricted li­cense. My tracks were just sit­ting there with a cou­ple of plays and likes when one day I no­ticed that I re­ceived an un­usu­ally high amount of plays and likes for one of my tracks. I won­dered about the rea­son for this in­crease in plays be­cause the com­ments did not pro­vide any clue where the traf­fic might be com­ing from. So I sim­ply searched for my name on Google and, to my sur­prise, found a cou­ple of Buz­zfeed videos which used my tracks as back­ground music. In this ar­ti­cle I’d like to pre­sent the videos I found.

The first track is Tek­tek which was a fairly re­cent com­po­si­tion—1.5 years old, much more re­cent than any of the other songs. I had the itch to re­vive my old hobby for one day in de­cem­ber 2012 and, roughly speak­ing, Tek­tek was the re­sult of that ses­sion. It’s just a short proof of con­cept snip­pet but it nonethe­less found its way into two videos:

The sec­ond track is Shine which was ba­si­cally my good-bye cre­ation to my music com­pos­ing hobby. It, too, was used in two dif­fer­ent videos:

The third one Magic goes quite well with the theme of the next video in my opin­ion:

The fourth Fire is a reg­gae­ton-like beat:

Re­cently, my friend MVT3RIVL who ini­tially hooked me up on cre­at­ing music re­u­ploaded his old tracks and he is now de­ter­mined to re­vive his old hobby and thus cre­ate new tunes. Check him out.

What do the videos and my friend’s re­cent come­back only tell me… Hmm, I don’t re­ally know but for some rea­son I feel a slight itch in my "au­dio-cre­ative" parts of the brain :P.

Published: 09.03.2014
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